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So, you want to join me on my next half-day # Think Digital Course? 

What Did People Say About The Last Program?

Before getting into the details, below are some of the feedback comments that we had from the last course attendees.  Their feedback was honest and sometimes funny. The one thing we really pushed them for was – what did not work!

I honestly enjoyed every moment of the course. I really have nothing bad to say. This course has set our business into a Silicon Valley gear!
I want to invite every client I know to come to the next one. This course was absolutely bang-on amazing ! Brett is not only extremely funny but its easy to gauge that he is a specialist in his chosen field of beer bribbery.
The good: excellent content.
The bad: aircon malfunction. “Baby it’s cold inside”
The ugly: …??? Nah! Brett is good!!!
For those that are interested in an overview on how do approach building a digital business this course is both interesting and entertaining.

What Does #ThinkDigital Look Like?

The one bit of feedback that I did get was that the energy was really good in the room (I think that’s why I was so tired – it’s hard – but very rewarding – work!) 

You can get a sense of what it was like in the room with this very short clip on that Michael took from the last #ThinkDigital day. 

If you want a bit more info on the course and why it worked so well – read on :). 

Ready To Sign Up?

Was time well spent. Energy levels are kept high throughout the course. Changes one thinking of how we do business and reassures that we are doing some items correct. Videos shown was extremely relevant. Speakers are very user friendly.

Course Attendee Feb 2018

Get The Early Bird Special​

We are offering an Early Bird Special of R1495.00 until 2:59 pm on the 29th March 2018. After that the price will be going up to the full price of R1795.00 ex Vat

Crowdsourced Topics

I think the program is working so well because we crowdsourced the content. We went out and asked people – just like yourself – what they needed to learn. The net outcome was a very powerful and focused 3 part program: 

01 – FOCUS​

Every business is faced with many problems, which always require more resources to solve than you have available. The first step is to focus on the right problem, the problem that will get you the best return on invested resource. #ThinkDigital takes the Theory of Constraints and helps you to understand where to focus your energies and efforts.

02 – SOLVE

Every strategy contains a set of assumptions that outlines a possible future. Step two is about aligning and testing your assumptions around your customers’ ever-changing needs. This begins with asking the right questions that are aligned to your focus and refining as quickly as possible.


03 – SCALE​

To win in today’s exponential world you need to scale your business, your products and solutions as fast as possible once you know that they are scalable. Step 3 takes you through a process that defines how you scale and guides you through a process of how to gain massive market adoption.  

What Are Your Next Steps

Here is what I honestly believe –

“Sometime today, tomorrow or next month, in practically every office in the world, an executive, business leader or owner, will sit back in their chair and ask … “WTF Do We Do Now!”

My goal and ambition is to help you answer the “WTF Do We Do Now!” question and this #ThinkDigital course is the starting point.

It is designed to get you going. 

Your next step is to sign up below and join us on the 5th April 2018.

Venue and Timings

We are looking at having the #ThinkDigital Program at the Bryanston Country Club and it will take place between 8-12 am  

Get The Early Bird Special​

We are offering an Early Bird Special of R1495.00 until 2:59 pm on the 29th March 2018. After that the price will be going up to the full price of R1795.00 ex Vat

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